Dual Credit Program

Through our Dual-Credit Program, students have the ability to earn college credits for the courses they take at Holy Cross Prep.  In conjunction with the College Acceleration Program (CAP) of Rowan College at Burlington County and the Project Acceleration Program of Seton Hall University, students at Holy Cross are able to enroll in 18 different courses to receive college credit.  By taking advantage of all of the available opportunities, our Lancers can earn up to 69 college credits* by the time they graduate.  Please see the following link for a list of RCBC Partner Schools with Guaranteed Acceptance of Credits

*Beginning with the 2020-21 school year, Graphic Design (3 Credits), AP Psychology (3 Credits), Criminal Justice (3 Credits) and Anatomy & Physiology (8 credits) will now be available for credit via the CAP program (included in 69 credit total)

**List of HCPA Dual Credit Courses via RCBC

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