Ministry & Service

Campus Ministry

As a Catholic school, Holy Cross Preparatory Academy integrates faith experiences into the daily lives of our students. Our intimate Chapel is utilized for small prayer services and class gatherings, while our Auditorium is used for monthly school masses. Students are invited to participate in the mass as Eucharistic ministers, lectors, and alter servers.

Community Service

Holy Cross Prep Academy requires Community Service as a part of the curriculum.  We believe it is important that students see their faith as a lived experience and see service as an integral part of their Christian lifestyle.

Service Hours requirement: 3 hours per quarter (12 per year)  for all grade levels

  • Students must fill out a Service Verification Form service for approval.
  • Theology teachers will be responsible for keeping accurate records of student hours.
  • Once service is completed, the supervisor will sign off and then credit for service hours will be given.
  • Please understand that no student is to receive compensation from their service site.
  • The 12 service hours are to be completed during the school year