Students attending Holy Cross Preparatory Academy have multiple options when it comes to transportation to school.  If you live in a district that buses students to non-public schools, you can utilize your township’s bus. For those living in districts that offer a payment in lieu of busing for non-public schools, Holy Cross offers our own bus service for an annual fee of $1000.  Additionally, students are welcome to arrange their own private transportation through parents and classmates. Seniors and Juniors who have their license are also welcome to drive themselves and park in the lot on our campus.

All students must complete a B6T busing form regardless of if they intend to take the bus or transport themselves to school. Click the link below to print a form or pick one up at the Admissions Office.

B6T Transportation Form

Important Note: Transportation of non-public school students is the responsibility of the district or township where the student resides. Bids are announced in late April.

  1. If your district/township provides busing, you will receive notice from your district/town sometime in August in regards to pick up/drop off locations and times.
  2. If your district does not provide busing, and you are not considered a "walking district", you will be reimbursed by the state as a payment in lieu of busing.
  3. Holy Cross will provide busing for those districts/towns who will not provide it for you. If you choose to accept busing from Holy Cross you will be responsible for the cost of transportation at an annual fee of $1000. Students will be notified sometime in August by Holy Cross in regards to pick up/drop off locations and times.  We do our best to accommodate you with a stop at the nearest public library or municipal building. Our bus routes utilize these hub stops to ensure student safety and security along the route.

Please contact Alex Pracher with any questions or concerns at