Q. What does Holy Cross’ designation as an independent Catholic school mean?

A. Holy Cross’s designation as an independent Catholic high school enables a flexible and sustainable business model. Independent governance allows Holy Cross to reduce operating costs and engage in academic and technological advancements in curriculum.  Holy Cross continues to be recognized by the Diocese of Trenton as the only Catholic high school in Burlington County. The school is rooted in its 60-year legacy of quality Catholic education, faith and values.  The Diocese of Trenton continues to provide ecclesiastic support to Holy Cross via religious curriculum. In addition, Father Colavito continues as our Chaplain at Holy Cross.

Q. What is Tuition for the 2021-22 school year?

A. Tuition for the Class of 2025 is $10,800. Once enrolled, you are guaranteed the same tuition rate for all four years at Holy Cross.

Q. What type of academic schedule does Holy Cross utilize?

A. Holy Cross operates with a collegiate block schedule. This enables every student to fulfill basic course requirements quickly and embark on college-level courses sooner, which offsets the cost of a college education.  In addition, this helps our students acclimate themselves to the collegiate semester-style academic calendar.

Q. Are students offered ISP accommodations?

A. Yes, Holy Cross offers ISP accommodations to students who qualify. Please contact our Guidance Office for further information.

Q. Does Holy Cross offer transportation for students?

A. Holy Cross works hand-in-hand with local school districts to determine transportation on a yearly basis. Additionally, Holy Cross will support those students whose districts do not provide transportation to the best of its ability, to ensure that all students are provided a means of getting to Holy Cross.  Please see our Transportation page for more detailed information.

Q: What technology does Holy Cross offer for students?

A. Every Holy Cross student receives a Chromebook to use during the school year. Please see our Technology Program page for more information.

Q. Does Holy Cross have an International Student Program?

A. Yes, Holy Cross does have an International Student Program, and has hosted students from Denmark, Italy, China, and Korea in recent years.